So here we are again with another souped up high-octane issue of Gas Magazine chock full of badassery. That’s not a word you’ll find in the Oxford Dictionary but you never know, they may very well add it next year.

First up we have Hayden’s Model A coupe as shot by Aaron Develyn, followed up with Robert Atkinson’s stunning ’40 Chevy coupe. I went mad in the California heat and got a set of shots with Johnny Branch’s Revell Kit Bike Panhead chopper and made it home alive with Kat and my good friend Dusty. Artist and publisher Zombie was kind enough to send us a bunch of his insane artworks for your enjoyment and they’re a treat. I have no idea how he does it. A wonderful afternoon was spent shooting with Mosh on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, what a doll … and finally I managed to squeeze in a visit to see my buddy Aaron Stein to shoot his beautiful Model A coupe. Locally I visited Jeff Calleja and had him drag out his period correct 32 highboy coupe for an afternoon’s drive. Speaking of high-octane, the Gonz Lab Liberator Project, the Rolls Royce V12 salt racer is out of the bag and making news and headway. And to finish things up we present Richard Dabbs’ “Brown Sugar” as it was shot shortly after its unveiling a few years back.


Please enjoy another edition of Gas Magazine – for customisers around the globe.