Here we have another solid souped up, fumed up edition of Gas Magazine, a full-tilt-boogie of automotive madness. Hot rods, customs, hot bikes, a model to soften things up - and a bunch of travelling adventures that are worth doing, and worth reliving.

Straight up, we have Sean Hammond’s A Model coupe, looking pretty badass. It’s starting to take shape, and has evolved from its bone rattling origins to something a little more refined. We road trip it to Vegas to find the Suavecito - Sosa Metal Works Indian, then ship it down to LA for the ultimate Barber Shop shoot – and what a special thing it is. Mat Egan floated his 54 Ford back to Australia and unveiled it a few months ago at MotorEx in Melbourne – the 54 Ford known as the Candy Rocket Ship is pure eye candy!

My buddy Dusty and I went mad at Bonneville Speed Week last year and have the goods on it. While we were at it we took Tom Foster’s normally loud as hell Chevy for a drive, and slipped it into a Cemetery for the shots. Sound cliché? No not at all. Up and coming Photographer and Writer Aaron Develyn shot a killer story on the 7th Annual River City Coupe and Roadster Club Reliability Run. He was on a roll so we let him loose on his favourite Australian born hot rod. Swifty’s T. There’s also a set I shot with the beautiful Dalia Black, and a whole lot more. Please enjoy another issue of Gas Magazine. No fluff – just tough stuff.