Hello and welcome to the first Premier issue of Gas Magazine. It’s a bumper release for the custom enthusiast who prefer their content a whole lot more real and with a whole lot less fluff. We’re taken grass routes content from the best builders and practitioners from around the globe, and delivered high quality images and story for your pleasure and enjoyment.

We have a solid first issue of fumed up eye-candy ready to roll, along with some sordid adventures to boot. We take a ride in Matt Nobles radically chopped Mercury. Hitch a lift down south with Alex Gambino at break neck speed. We then swap out for a leisurely drive in the Austin Speed Shop 55 Chevy. Elsewhere we hook up with paint guru Mat Egan, drop a bomb with the gorgeous Michelle Minx, plus a set with Eagles Of death Metals Jesse Hughes. Then we’ll take some time out with the Mad Fabricator himself Piero De Luca and also take a peak inside Kiwi Kevs shed. And more. Please enjoy, refreshing Gas.


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